Cavaliers vs. Wizards Game 1 – Quick Recap

Did you watch the game? I hope you did or else you missed a great finish. It was really close until LeBron decided to take over with 2 minutes to go. He scored 6 straight and the Cavs never looked back.

The Wizards were way better than I expected them to be. Arenas got (t)his team a bit out of sync with his presence. It’s his fourth (?) game back and he is taking their shots in the final moments of a playoff game? Sorry, but you didn’t earn the right to decided about this teams playoff hopes without taking them this far.

BUT Agent Zero is back! Hitting 4 out of 5 threes is a very good sign. Too bad he lost his touch in clutch situations, but he showed the world that he is still the same with a shot from outer space at the end of the 1st quarter. Here is a link to the video footage of the shot.

Unlimited range, baby!

Some box score stuff:

  • Caron Butler with 14 points on 10 attempts plus solid defense (3 steals and not stats related stuff)
  • Antawn Jamison was throwing up more shots than LeBron. 8 three point attempts and only one found the net…
  • Stevenson was ice-cold in his 1-9 FGM-A effort
  • Looking at the FG% it can only go up from here (except for Agent Zero)
  • LBJ went to the charity stripe 14 times, but he earned it. Not too many bogus calls
  • The King went for 32 on 19 shots – PER anyone?

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