Spurs vs. Suns Game 1 – Quick Recap

Before we start to recap, let me ask you a question: Can you remember the last time the nba.com page was down? Me neither, but it’s gone since the Cavaliers game ended and the Spurs – Suns double OT game probably killed it for good. Even the NBA part on the ESPN Page is down…crazy. Where amazing happens…

Let’s get started: Instant CLASSIC! I hope this series goes to a game 7, definitely the best 1st round basketball we will see this year. They took it at each other from the first second. The build-up to this series over the last few years was crazy and now it is about to peak.

  • Amare is a well-known Spurs-Killer so it was no surprise that he scored 33 points
  • Steve Nash was scary good. He turned into a lil scoring machine in overtime and hit several key shots

Player of the game: Tim Duncan

Easy one. He did it all. 40 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists. He lead his team (or was tied for the lead) in each of these plus he hit this crazy three-pointer in OT.


TD was great, but don’t forget about Manu. He carried the Spurs through some tough stretches in both overtime periods and hit the game winning layup. I still hate him, but he can be unstoppable at times.

King for a day

King for a day


2 Responses to “Spurs vs. Suns Game 1 – Quick Recap”

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