Who is your MVP?

the usual suspects

Hard to choose…Steve Nash? 2-time MVP? Look at his smile. Can you say no to him? … YES!

Chris Paul? Damn, he’s tall. Didn’t know that he is bigger than LeBron…good god.

Kevin Garnett? See the PIMP hand? “Where’s my money…B****!”

Kobe? Nice haircut, bro. Went to this guy?

King James? Stylin’ and profilin’…this is his gangsta pose.

Everybody is asking who the MVP should be. Here you will find the answer.

No, for real:

No way that Steve Nash can win it again. He is shooting threes at a .470 percentage (career-high), got more points and a better FG% than the 1st year he got the MVP award. If that isn’t enough, he lead a team that had to change on the fly to the playoffs. Shaq in a run-and-gun system? He should get an award for making this work. Seriously. This could be the year that they can finally destroy the Spurs.

It’s hard to dismiss a guy like Kevin Garnett. He lead the Celtics to the best record this year and transformed a real bad team into a championship contender. You could even argue that he singlehandedly brought the NBA back to prime-time TV. Winning the MVP means two things: team success and personal success. Team Success? Check! Personal? Not so much…the last time he averaged less than 18.8 points/game was 1998…1998!!! 10 years? (Can you even remember 1998? When people didn’t have computers and cars? No electricity? Damn, that was a looooooong time ago. No CARS! … damn … horses …) But that’s not the only thing that Garnett got from 98…last time he didn’t average a double-double was 98 as well. Is he going retro on us? He got the best FG% since he entered the league so he at least got something going for him. He won the MVP in 03-04. Let’s compare some stats. He scored 6 more points/game, got 4.7 more rebounds/game, 1.6 more assists/game and nearly a block more per game. Sorry, but 6 points, 5 rebounds plus an assist and a block more? Most guys in the league don’t even average that! It’s like he lost a Vujacic somewhere on the way from Minnesota to Boston…

LeBron is averaging 30-8-7 plus 2 steals and a block pre game. Are you kidding me? Great stat line, can’t argue that, but 45 wins? He would be 10th in the Western Conference! Sorry Mr. Scoring Title, but not this year.

Chris Paul is one of the best things that happened to the NBA this year. New Orleans, All-Star Game, NBA Cares…hard to get better publicity, but the average fan probably still doesn’t know who Chris Paul is or who he plays for. Charlotte Hornets? That’s SO ’98. CP3 leads the league in assists and steals (Remember John Stockton? White guy? Could shoot? Could pass? Yeah, that’s him. Not too many white guys who are able to do that. Get me a white boy who can dunk and maybe I will consider him as a great player…nah…) Congrats Chris Paul for doing something only a white guy could do before you…keep it up…in case you didn’t get the memo, I’m just kidding. Chris Pual is a fantastic young PG who will dominate this league for years to come. He got his team a new FRANCHISE RECORD with 56 wins. I know what you are going to say: He got help! Paul Pierce! Ray Allen! Oh wait, wrong team. Tyson Chandler and David West…well…he didn’t have too much help. The Hornets are playoff-ready. Do you really think that after a season like this he will fail when the playoffs start? This guy can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants on the field when he got the ball…the coachs will try to trap him and make him work off the ball. The Hornets faith rests in Byron Scotts hands…1st round exit. Too bad.

There is no way…NO WAY…that anyone but Kobe should get that award. What makes you the MVP? Individual stats? Team success? Probably both. Let’s see:


  • 57 wins – 1st in Western Conference
  • 27-14 Road Record – tied for 2nd in the NBA
  • Offensive rating 3rd in NBA (113 points/100 posessions)
  • Defensive rating 5th in NBA (105.5/100 posessions)


  • 2nd best scorer (after 2 years at the 1st spot)
  • Carried an mostly injured team to the #1 seed in the West (yeah, yeah, he got Gasol and Bynum…on the bench)

He brought us storylines (Lakers – Suns in the playoffs anyone? … Trade rumors in the offseason – the only thing that kept the NBA fans on their toes unless you get as excited as I get when it come to the Summer League drama … the 2nd biggest ripoff trade of the year – Garnett for two dead bodies and a pick takes the 1st spot …), he got the stats to back it up (not the most exciting, but not far away), he got the team stats (1st spot in the west with big injuries is way harder to get than a 1st spot in the east with a mostly healthy squad), he got the swagger and he is the most deserving.

Hope you enjoyed my 1st post and let me know what you think in the comments.


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