Quick Preview for the NBA Playoff games today

Scroll down and check the picture out.

Magic vs. Raptors

The Magic were able to win the season series 2-1 (3-1 if you count the win of Dwight Howard over Jamario Moon in the Slam Dunk contest – Supermaaaaaaan). Toronto has to find a way to deal with Orlandos power front line:

Hedo Turkoglu
Rashard Lewis
Dwight Howard

All three of them averaged 20+ points/game against the Raptors.
Chris Bosh seems to be hot everytime he faces the Magic. He averaged 22.7 points against Orlando (in his career) and he will probably be even better this year.

As Van Gundy said: “He’s just a great player, and a guy who can score in a lot of different ways.” Back to the basket, taking his man off the dribble, mid-range jumpers…total package.

We’re going to become enemies,” Howard said. “It’s going to be Superman versus Lex Luther.” (Best quote from Howard ever btw.)

Seems like this one is going to be an exciting series with two young All-Stars going at each other.

Lakers vs. Nuggets

Los Angeles won all three times the two teams met in the regular season. The Lakers struggled in the post season since Shaq was traded. Even without the help of Andrew Bynum the Lakers are a lock to move on to the 2nd round, but you can’t take any team that won 50 games in the West easy. The Nuggets can get hot and win a game or maybe two, but winning four out of seven? Won’t happen.

-Iverson is averaging 30.0 points/game in the playoffs (career, of course)
-I’m not sure if you heard about it, but this Kobe guy can score a little as well. 81 any1?
-Lakers scored 108 points/game (4th in NBA) this season
-Nuggets scored 110 points/game (2nd in NBA) this season

This will be a pretty highscoring and nice game to watch (for the casual fan as well).

Pistons vs. Sixers

Each team won 2 games of the regular season series. Detroit won 2 against the 76ers starters while the Sixers won 2 against the “Zoo Crew”, which, by the way, isn’t easy…ask the T’Wolves or Wizards about it. This one is a gimme for the Pistons. They are going to win 4 straight and get a little rest. They got 5 unselfish veterans and probably the best bench in the east, maybe even in the league. The Sixers really improved during the season with an impressiv 22-12 finsh after starting 18-30! Andre Miller and A.I. 2.0 can be scary. Was there anyone who was older than Andre Miller when he had his breakout year? Doesn’t matter, the Pistons are a real powerhouse in the east and should win this series without breaking a sweat.

Celtics vs. Hawks

I don’t think I have to say much about this series. Should be over after 4 games, the “Big Three” are going to kick Atlanta out of the Playoffs with ease. Can somebody ask David Stern if we could make this a best of three?

Thee Three Amigos


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