Manu, the sixth

Sixth Man of the Year

Nice award, but we all know what he is looking for…

Sixth Man of the Year

Manu Ginobili got the award that should be named after him anyway. The “Manu of the Year”/”The Sixth Manu of the Year” Award would be a nice name, wouldn’t it?

His stats this year:

  • 19.5 points/game
  • 4.8 rebounds/game
  • 4.5 assists/game
  • while shooting .46% FG, .401 from 3pt-land and .86 from the line
  • everything in 31 minutes per game

He has a PER of 24.3 (career-high- 7th in the league), but the stats only tell half the story. Was there ever a more successful 28th 2nd round pick? He already got three rings and there are several reports trying to tell you that he is more important to the Spurs this season than Tim Duncan. This, of course, isn’t true, but the fact alone that many writers think so is impressive. Remember game one? Manu is vital to the Spurs success and he is their second best player (sorry, Tony Longoria). He absolutely deserved to win this award. Congrats, Mr. Ginobili.


2 Responses to “Manu, the sixth”

  1. Finally someone in the sports blogosphere that isn’t afraid to give Gino the credit he deserves. The Houdini of Basketball deserves it, and I’m glad you’re one of the fans out there that understands it — one that will not pay any heed to the alleged ‘flop’ whiners.

  2. […] Ginobili won the “Sixth Man of the Year” Award – Link – he received 615 out of 620 possible […]

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