Pistons lose 1st game

Good god, how could this happen? The Pistons lead by 13 after 2 quarters and Sheed was playing in the post…this tells you if the Pistons are serious about a game or not. When Sheed starts a game with his back to the basket, it’s a good game. No 3pts, nothing fancy. He brought his A game and killed Dalembert with his turnaround fadeaway jumper…unblockable/unstoppable/un-everything you can find in your dictionary starting with un-able. He blocked 7 shots and tied the franchise playoff record (again – already happened in ’05 playoffs). Sheed at his best? Not quite, but not far away…he missed a bunch of shots he usually hits.

The Pistons lost because they couldn’t score which is crazy, because the 76ers didn’t play defense at a high level. They just missed open looks. Here are some stats:

  • McDyess, one of their better rebounders, got 6 offensive, but not even one defensive rebound. He missed 7 of 9 shots
  • Prince: 5/13 FGM-A
  • Sheed: 9/21 – but he is hardly the one to blame he was the only starter who looked ready for this one
  • Chauncey: 3/9 – 9 shot attempts? 4 assists? He has to do more for this team to be the powerhouse they are supposed to be
  • Rip: 5/17 – he forced too much in the last quarter, but he at least tried to step up

The “Zoo Crew” delivered. Maxiell was his baby-eating self and dominated the board – energy & hustle – you gotta love him!

If you are a Pistons fan, you shouldn’t freak out about this one. Losing your 1st game is bad, but there is no doubt in my mind that Detroit will totally destroy the Sixers in game 2. They will be motivated and ready next time. If gambling isn’t illegal where you live at, take the over, no matter what.

If you need more informations and facts about this game, the Pistons or Sheed check out this great page:need4sheed


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