Showtime is back – Quick Recap

Lakers win 128 – 114

After the first three minutes of the 2nd half the Lakers took a nice lead, but couldn’t finish the Nuggets off. Iverson and company scored in runs, but never could come close enough to tie the game. A.I. and Carmelo went off for 30 points each, but it wasn’t nearly enough. They got help from Smith and Kleiza (a combined 38 points) and the Lakers still won by 14.

Kobe couldn’t find his rhythm until the 4th quarter. He scored 18 off his 32 in the final 12 minutes. Gasol and odom played really good basketball and got themselves some easy shots around the rim.

The Nuggets two superstars combined for 60, their bench was better than anyone thought it would be and they still lost by 14. If this isn’t enough, there is no way they can win a game in this series.

Jeff Van Gundy

“Do what you don’t do well, GUARD ‘EM tonight!”
On the Nuggets after George Karl said: “Do what you do well, be aggressive” to his team

“Tell Vujacic to guard AI, you don’t need that stress.”
JVG on Farmar getting abused by Iverson

“This is like roomservice for Gasol, he gets the ball delivered right at the rim.”
JVG on Gasol’s easy buckets


One Response to “Showtime is back – Quick Recap”

  1. sethandray Says:

    The Lakers are back where they belong baby! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll support you as long as you’re one of those people who hate Kobe and the Lakers for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball. Those haters. Keep up the good work!

    And here’s why Kobe will be MVP this year:

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