Cavs vs. Wizards Game 2 – Quick Recap

I learned one thing yesterday: The Cavaliers can be scary good when they execute their offense like they did against the Wizards.Washington played aggressive and wanted to make this a very physical game…roughing the Cavs up, think Detroit Bad Boys against Michael Jordan, but not nearly as well executed and without the mind games. A flagrant 2 foul (check it out in the game highlights) and some flagrant 1 fouls.

Hard fouls in the playoffs are part of the game: You can’t just foul LeBron, you have to hit him hard or he will go and 1 on you – get your money’s worth, but don’t hit a guy in mid-air…that is too dangerous. This is a rivalry… a decent team vs. one that thinks it is good.

Gilbert Arenas destroys the Wizards rhythm/flow every time he steps on the court. They started losing when Arenas started chucking up shots without hitting any. The Wizards started the game so well and took a quick lead until Agent Zero took over. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Agent Zero on and off the court, but he should start thinking about passing when his shots don’t fall. He would like to be the hero for Washington, but that is hard to pull off after missing the whole season.

The game was over at halftime, but the Cavaliers really wanted to send a message so they kept pouring in points. Everything worked like a charm for them. LeBron drove to the basket and scored or kicked it out to his shooters, they hit their shots and the Wizards defense couldn’t stop either.

On the other end, Washington couldn’t hit a shot to save their lifes.

Here are the bullets…


  • Agent Zero: 2/10 FGM/A and whopping -22 +/-
  • Jamison’s 4/13 FGM/A effort deserved the -30 it got
  • Caron Butler finished with 4/13 as well
  • Why was Antonio Daniels out there anyway? 1 made shot, 2 rebounds and some fouls? Bring your A game or stay home
  • Hater Stevenson’s highlight was a shot from 3-point land with his “you can’t see me”-routine afterwards – but it’s kinda silly to taunt your opponent when you are down by 15 when you hit your first three-pointer
  • Butler/Stevenson/Songaila are tied for most Washington points with 12 each…12! Songaila! Are you kidding me?


  • LeBron James showed us what it looks like to be overrated – 30 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks
  • Wally, Booby Gibson and Ilgauskas hit their open shots and busted this lead wide open
  • Haywood’s flagrant 2 foul send LeBron flying through the air and I’m sure David Stern passed out when he saw it on TV
  • The Cavaliers still look awful when LeBron isn’t on the court. When he was on the bench they couldn’t get an open shot. They didn’t even run plays…it’s so sad…
  • If the Wizards figure out how to guard LeBron, they could make game 3 interesting again
  • Already looking forward to round 2? Celtics vs. Cavaliers? Boston’s defense will do a much better job and the Cavaliers need to play like yesterday to have a slight chance of winning at least one game against them

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