Spurs vs. Suns Game 2 Preview

Suns vs. Spurs - The SHOT

The game we are all waiting for is just a few hours away and we all know what happened in GAME 1. (If you can’t remember, click the link for a quick recap or read on).

  • Duncan: 40 points / 15 rebounds / 5 assists
  • Duncan hit a three pointer to force the 2nd overtime
  • Most exciting game til now and an instant classic

When the NBA produces a highlight reel of his career, this shot will be part of it

What happened between game 1 and game 2 you ask?

  • Manu Ginobili won the “Sixth Man of the Year” Award – Link – he received 615 out of 620 possible points
  • Grant Hill, who played through a groin injury, is healthy again
  • Steve Nash had flu-like symptoms and is now back to full strength


We won in double overtime on our home court, so we’re not too confident.” – Duncan

We had a lot of mistakes, a lot of mistakes that if we continue to make they will hurt us.” – Finley

Every game is an adventure in itself.” – Mike D’Antoni

ESPN Preview

It is impossible to predict the score and what will happen and that is exactly the reason why this is the best series in the first round. You just don’t know who will take over the game and how. Two great teams going at each other.

There will be many adjustments made by both coaches. The Suns won’t let Duncan torch ’em again. They got Shaq and Amare…you can’t allow Timmy to get 40. On the other side, Barbosa scored 12 points in game 1 and he is the Suns X-factor tonight. He needs to be more aggressive and attack the basket hard…a figth between the reigning sixth man(u) of the year and last years winner and this years runner-up. Don’t underestimate this match-up. They both need to score more than 20 to give their team a chance at winning the game.

Tune in and enjoy the game tonight!

Edit: According to TrueHoop Dick Bavetta is calling the game tonight. Expect a lot of calls. Bavetta = Shaq (and maybe Duncan and/or Amare as well) in foul trouble.


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