Hornets vs. Mavericks Halftime Update

Hi everybody and welcome to a quick halftime recap. The Hornets have a blowout in the making, but don’t expect the Mavs to roll over and die. Hornets 67-51 Mavs. Here are some stats bullet-style (yes, thats how we roll):


  • CP3 got a double-double already with 12 points and 10 assists…anyone still convinced that playoff experience is key to winning a playoff series? That’s his second consecutive double-double and a nice foundation for great career playoff stats. UPDATE: Here is a link to a great TrueHoop post!
  • West scored 18 points and proved that there is a reason why they call him the “17-foot assassin
  • Stojakovic is 3/4 from three point land
  • Chandler is dominating the defensive end with 3 blocks with a little help from Hilton Armstrong who got 2
  • 61.5 FG% and 55.6 3pt% – good times


  • Dirk went to the charity stripe 10 times and has a time-high 16 points
  • The Mavs are shooting nearly 50% from the field and exactly 50% from 3, but all the turnovers are killing them
  • More fouls, more turnovers -> results in less assists
  • J-Ho is having a nice game with 10 points and 5 rebounds (game-high)
  • Shooting like this and still down by 16? Take better care of the ball and keep hustling. No way that the Hornets will shoot 60 FG% in the 2nd half…if they do, you can’t stop them anyway.

Enjoy the second half and get ready for Spurs vs. Suns Game 2!


One Response to “Hornets vs. Mavericks Halftime Update”

  1. What a stat-line for Paul. Ridiculous. Hornets making it look easy.

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