Quick Preview for the NBA Playoff Games April 23

Atlanta @ Boston – 8 PM

After his stunning performance (5 points, 2 of 10 from the field) Mike Bibby thought it was a good idea to call the Celtics fans “bandwagon jumpers”. But that is not all he said, he added this: “I remember them having bags on their heads. Are they the ones that had bags on their heads last year? It’s just a different look, but I guess that happens when you win.”

I have to agree with KG. “I wouldn’t say it’s the smartest comment”! After all that trash talk I’m looking forward to game 2 (… or blowout nr. 2). Let’s see if Bibby can walk what he talks or if he will end up with a bag on his head

Bibby with a bag on his head

Philly @ Detroit – 7:30 PM

The Sixers got the first and only upset win in the playoffs in game 1 of this series. The sweep was a sure thing and nobody gave the 76ers even a slight chance of winning even one game. After they won game 1…people still don’t believe in them and think they will lose the next four. Me? Yup, I still think that Detroit will beat Philly in 5. The Sixers haven’t won the game, it’s more like the Pistons lost it.

  • I still don’t know why Chauncey didn’t attack the rim or why he didn’t just pull up for the jumper on his last drive…they call him “Mr. Big Shot” for a reason and he is the guy you want to shoot freethrows in the last minute – slight contact would have resulted in a foul…can’t change what happened, it is what it is
  • The 76ers won this game because of a great team effort. 5 guys in double figures
  • Everybody is questioning the Pistons motivation – this isn’t the same team you know from the last two years, they left that behind them.

Denver @ LA – 10:30 PM

Dude, are you serious? Showtime, baby! The Lakers are just too good for the Nuggets.


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  1. […] Bibby had another MVP-worthy performance in game 2 against the Celtics. In this series he is now 4/17 from the field along with two assists (my calculater says thats one per game!). After all the friendly words he had for the Boston crowd they showed him some love too. However, Mike “the Baghead Gangsta” Bibby was smart enough to realise that he wouldn’t return to Boston this season so he didn’t shut up after the second beat down and said: “The people I was talking about know who they are,” he said. “If they took offense to it, they must be part of it. I guess they are all bandwagon jumpers”. […]

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