Spurs vs. Suns Game 2 – Quick Recap

It’s like we have seen two games in this one. The 1st and the 2nd half were totally different. The Suns came out hot in the 1st quarter and took a big lead early, but you can’t relax, because the Spurs know how to tie a game. SA had a 15-0 run in the 3rd quarter and took the lead. They kept the Suns to 11 points in the 3rd. They couldn’t keep a big lead through the 4th, but they managed to win the game 102-96.


  • Tony Parker finally found his rhythm and looks like the Finals MVP we are used to watch. 32 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals
  • There is a reason why Tim Duncan is Mr. Consistent. 18 points, 17 rebounds and 3 blocks. It wasn’t his best performance percentagewise, but he came through when it mattered most
  • Ginobili carried the Spurs through some tough stretches. He is so important to their offense: Scoring, making plays, just making things happen on the offensive end while holding his own on D – he scored 29 points and hit a game-high 3 three-pointers
  • The Spurs outscored the Suns 23-4 on the break
  • They got outscored big-time in the 1st, but you somehow knew that the Spurs would come back again, because this is what they always do…they don’t get blown out
  • Parker and Ginobili attacked the rim hard and scored over the Suns big men. Great game for both of them!


  • Amare scored a game-high 33 – some vicious dunks, he is just too much to handle for the Spurs, but he needs his teammates to score more. He took 3 threes…trying to go Duncan on us? He even hit one, but that isn’t enough to stretch the defense – still, he has the range even if the shot looks a bit strange
  • Steve Nash got his usual double-double
  • Shaq turned it up a notch. I didn’t know that he could still do that, but 19 points, 14 rebounds a game-high 4 blocks are prove enough.
  • I like the flow of their offense when Diaw enters the game. I was a lil disappointed with him during the season, but he is back

What does it take for the Suns to win the next game?

  • First of all, tell Barbosa to stop shooting threes and start attacking the rim. He was scoreless this time around and the Suns only lost by 6. If he only hit 3 of his 7 field goal attempts this game would go to overtime. He needs to provide instant offense from the bench to give the Suns a chance to win – he is their X-Factor. You know that Amare and Steve will combine for 50-60 points and that the rest of their starters will get 20-25 one way or the other. If he could score 15 (like he did all season) the Suns would be in a much better position…and even if doesn’t score, he will get the Spurs big man into foul trouble…and they can’t afford foul trouble if they want to contain Amare and Shaq. Kurt Thomas fouled out in game 2 for a reason.
  • Hack-a-Shaq? The Spurs started sending Shaq to the free throw line in the 3rd quarter. He hit all but one free throw in this stretch (5/6) and made this “strategy” look silly, but he was 7/14 the whole night. In a game where every point counts this will kill you…but the Suns knew that Shaq can’t shoot freebies so it isn’t a big surprise
  • They need to step up their help defense – Parker and Ginobili could finish around the rim way too often
  • Limit fastbreak points – the Suns got outscored 23-4 on the break and they can’t let this happen again if they want to win this series


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