Bibby is the man … NOT!


Bibby had another MVP-worthy performance in game 2 against the Celtics. In this series he is now 4/17 from the field along with two assists (my calculater says thats one per game!). After all the friendly words he had for the Boston crowd they showed him some love too. However, Mike “the Baghead Gangsta” Bibby was smart enough to realise that he wouldn’t return to Boston this season so he didn’t shut up after the second beat down and said: “The people I was talking about know who they are,” he said. “If they took offense to it, they must be part of it. I guess they are all bandwagon jumpers”.

It was a rough game from start to finish. Atlanta really wanted to win this one, but they had no chance at all. The Celtics are, surprisingly, way better.

  • Boston outrebounded the Hawks 4535
  • Atlanta had 22 turnovers while the Celtics lost the ball 14 times
  • Jones and Zaza are the only Hawks that have a positive +/- stat (Jones .. who the f… is that!)
  • KG had his usual double-double with a game high 19 points
  • Both teams had 5 players in double figures

This series was over befor it started. Can’t we still make this a best of three series? Please?

For box scores and more Celtics stuff, click here.



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