76ers vs. Pistons Game 3 Halftime Recap

1st Quarter

The Sixers started the game on a 6-0 run…I’m pretty sure nobody told the Pistons that the game started. They were still asleep and Flip had to call a timeout after 2 minutes. Prince scored on a set play and the Pistons started a run of their own. The Pistons dominated the paint (14 of their 20 points in the paint). Prince and Hamilton scored 8 points each and they are giving the Sixers defense a hard time. The 76ers are distributing the ball really well and everybody scored at least one basket.

  • Evans came off the bench and they went to him twice. He is fighting for position and is ready to contribute.
  • The Pistons defense is focused on Igoudala.
  • Sheed hasn’t scored yet as the only Pistons starter.

20 – 20

2nd Quarter

The Pistons started this quarter focused on their lockdown defense. The Sixers can thank god that the Pistons are missing their freethrows, 2/8, or else they they wouldn’t lead at all. The crowd is pretty loud…sometimes. They woke up in the middle of the 2nd quarter and made the game more fun to watch.

  • The Sixers are knocking down hard shots like it’s nothing. Incredible. They are hitting turnarounds, hook shots from 10 feet…crazy! Dalembert is shooting midrange jumpers. Are you kidding me?
  • Unusual amount of turnovers for Detroit (11)
  • Rip’s pull-up jumper is so nice…
  • Evans is working hard and it pays off. Hustling for loose balls, steals…getting it done on the offensive end. Someone is getting a better payday soon. He changed the whole momentum of the game.
  • The Sixer took 9 more shots, but the Pistons are getting quality shots and knocking ’em down at a 61% rate
  • We have seen two quarterback passes to Prince for easy dunks
  • I didn’t know that Andre Miller can do some of the things I’ve seen tonight
  • 2 minutes before halftime Miller pulled off a soccer dive…come on…


Individual Stats

  • Leading scorer: Rip Hamilton, 16
  • Leading rebounder: Dalembert, 6
  • Assists: Igoudala/Green (tied), 4

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