NBA Playoffs – Bizarro 1st Round

Think back to the last day of the regular season. What did you expect out of these matchups?

Western Conference Eastern Conference
Lakers vs. Nuggets
Celtics vs. Hawks
Hornets vs. Mavericks
Pistons vs. 76ers
Spurs vs. Suns
Magic vs. Raptors
Jazz vs. Rockets
Cavaliers vs. Wizards

Everyone and their mother thought the most competitive series would be a 7 game series between the Spurs and the Suns. A match-up that would be worthy of a Finals series. Well, it looks like the Finals last year when the Spurs finished the Cavs off in four. The only series that was a lock to go 6 or 7 games could actually be one of two series that will end in a sweep. (Lakers – Nuggets being the other) It isn’t that bad, the games are great (Double OT in game 1), but a sweep?

Speaking of sweeps: Celtics will sweep the Hawks? Detroit cruising through Philly? The Celtics dropped their 1st (and probably only game) to the Hawks yesterday while Detroit is down 2-1 against the 76ers.

Something just isn’t right this year. Maybe the Suns will come back. Maybe the Pistons will win the next three against Philly. Maybe I will be the next president…

BTW: Check back later for a some previews.


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