Suns vs. Spurs Game 4 – Halftime Update

1st Quarter


  • The Suns are a team possessed – they have the sense of urgency they need to win a game like this
  • Suns are playing PICK-AND-ROLL DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Incredible. They stopped the Spurs from abusing them again with the “easy” plays.
  • Hack-a-Shaq, but the “Big Cactus” hit 5/8 so far. I never got this strategy anyway. If he hits 1/2, he gives the Suns two points for every two possessions – that’s like hitting 50% FGs. Do you want your opponent to shoot 50% from the field? It would only work if his FT-% would be worse…think Ben Wallace.
  • Grant Hill won’t play tonight
  • Amare with 2 quick fouls
  • Shaq: 9 points / 7 rebounds…already
  • Welcome back Barbosa, where have you been the first three games? He is the one-man-fastbreak

2nd Quarter


  • Raja Bell is on fire
  • Even tho the Suns have a big lead, you just know that this game is far from over…the Spurs can sneak back up on you like few other teams. The Suns started hot in the 1st and 2nd game as well, but lost…this could end like the 2nd if they don’t take care of business.
  • Tony Parker is carrying the Spurs on his back right now
  • Van Gundy is ranting about flopping, because Raja Bell gave us one for the “All-Time Worst Flops” – probably top 5. Funny thing is that he was guarding Ginobili at that time…you can’t flop on the guy who invented this whole flopping thing.
  • Mark Jackson(?): “It’s hard to guard someone out there, mismatches…” – Van Gundy: “There are a lot of things that are hard in life. That’s why we pay them 15 millions.” So true, Mr. Van Gundy. Best commentator around. He makes the games even more fun to watch.
  • The Spurs Big 3 score more than a combined 80 points per game in this series. Right now, they have a combined 33 points
  • The Suns control the boards, got more assists, work for better shots…to keep it simple: they are the better team tonight
  • The Suns defense looks really good
  • Great help defense from Amare – 3 blocks in the 1st half
  • Amare got himself a third foul with 40 seconds left in the quarter
  • Bell is the game’s topscorer with 21 points in 21 minutes

Here is the first video you find when searching for “Raja Bell” on youtube:

The Raja Flop


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