Suns vs. Spurs – Game 4 Recap

If you haven’t read the Halftime Update, what are you waiting for?

3rd Quarter

  • The Suns started the quarter with a little run of their own. Well done. You have to prevent the Spurs from getting into a rhythm early in the 3rd quarter.
  • Phoenix is dominating the Spurs so far (8 minutes to go)
  • I forgot to mention that the Spurs turned the ball over 11 times in the first half while the Suns only lost the ball tricetrice? Yeah, once, twice, trice…that should be a word!
  • Diaw is playing great tonight – he is dominating on both ends – posting up, passing, defending – total package
  • Popovich sat Duncan, Parker and Ginobili with 3 minutes to go – will they return tonight?
  • Shaq and Duncan are the only players with a double-double already (pts/rbs)
  • No sweep in this series
  • Statement Game! The Suns are back. Could this be the turning point in this series? Is this game a fluke? We will get all the answers in game 5 – yup, this game is over. OVER.


4th Quarter

  • TNT crew with some shameless advertising
  • Spurs going the rest of the way without their big three
  • Can the Suns keep playing like this in San Antonio?
  • Boris Diaw is flirting with a triple-double – he is 1 rebound and 2 assists short right now (8:30 to go)
  • The Suns were up 21 in the 1st quarter already…21! After less than 12 minutes!
  • Diaw triple-double watch – got a rebound – just 2 assists missing
  • The Spurs big three have a combined 42 points tonight
  • I’m totally in love with the new MJ commercial

MJ Commercial – “Maybe”

  • There should be some kind of “Best of-Van Gundy Quotes”
  • D’Antoni got a tech right now – no, wait – 2nd T – he is out. I love it. No clue what happened, but even when the Suns are up by 20+, he is screaming and arguing with the refs. He cares. I don’t give a F if it was the clever move, but it was the right emotional move. He probably had to vent a bit after being a game away from the wrong end of a sweep.
  • The commentators aren’t embarrassed to say that they cried while watching an episode of extreme makeover…come on, we are watching basketball here! Don’t ruin it for us.
  • Standing ovation for Boris Diaw. He deserved it. He stopped Tony Parker, scored 20 points, got 10 rebounds and 8 assists.
  • Raja Bell is the top-scorer: 27 points (on 11 shots, 5/7 threes)
  • Spurs bench is laughing…good times…way to go
  • Standing ovation for the Suns

105 – 86


One Response to “Suns vs. Spurs – Game 4 Recap”

  1. Great result for the Suns. As a Spurs fan, I fear the most if my team loose in Game 5. Then we will ahve the real series again….

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