Byron Scott – Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year

Byron Scott

I’m glad that Scott won for several reasons.

  1. He lead the Hornets to a franchise-best 56 wins in the most competitive western conference ever
  2. They improved their record from last year by 18 games without major changes to their roster
  3. They finished second in the west
  4. They set a franchise record with 26 wins on the road

But forget all of that. I’m so glad that he won, because this means that Rivers lost. Doc winning this award would be a travesty. He is considered as one of the worst coaches out there and now he is the best (or in this case, 2nd best)…no way. Just because Garnett and Allen fell into his lap he is the 2nd coming of Red Auerbach? Never ever. That’s like spitting on Red’s grave. It is bad enough that he already won it with Orlando 99-00. If anything, Boston should get the executive of the year award – or it should go to the Lakers. I don’t care.

But back to Scott. This award means two things:

  1. Big honor
  2. Losing your job

Why losing your job? The last few COYs:

  • 04-05 Mike D’Antoni – after the Spurs beat the Suns in one of the next two games, you can meet Mike at the job center.
  • 05-06 Avery Johnson – you think he will still be in Dallas next year after the Mavs lose in the 1st round to the Hornets? Maybe Cuban will tell him to stay, because they are close friends? Whoops…
  • 06-07 Sam Mitchell – say bye-bye to him. The Raptors lost so many games at the end of the season that I thought they traded their roster for Miami’s D-League All-Stars.

Byron Scott

Mr. Scott, enjoy the time as long as it lasts.


2 Responses to “Byron Scott – Coach of the Year”

  1. I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  2. vince carter Says:

    i like your entries keep going and add some nets photos

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