Hawks vs. Celtics – Game 4 (Quick) Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a series now. 2-2. It is a fluke if you lose one game, because everyone but Garnett has a bad day, but it’s no fluke when you lose because you can’t stop the other team’s go-to-guy.

Celtic Stats:

  • 52.2% from 3pt-land (12/23)
  • The Big Three combined for 59 points (Garnett 20/Allen 21/Pierce 18)
  • They had only 10 turnovers (compared to Atlantas 17)
  • They had way more assists (26 to 16)
  • 11 steals (Atlanta had 4)

So how could they lose this game? Two reasons: Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. They combined for Atlantas last 35 points! They scored every single point for the Hawks in the 4th quarter.

Hawks Stats:

  • Joe Johnson scored 35 points (20 in the last quarter)
  • Josh Smith scored 28 points, recorded 7 blocks, 6 rebounds and 2 steals…7 blocks!
  • The Hawks went to the line 33 times and knocked the shot down 29 times

This game was no fluke. Boston just couldn’t stop Joe Johnson. He took over in the 4th and killed them every imaginable way. This is a best-of-three series now and this would be an even worse upset than Philly beating Detroit.

There is no doubt in my mind that Boston will win this series, but they don’t look unstoppable anymore. What will happen in the next round? If the Celtics can’t stop Joe Johnson, what will they do when they have to play against the Cleveland LeBrons?


One Response to “Hawks vs. Celtics – Game 4 (Quick) Recap”

  1. The Free Agent Says:

    Josh Smith and Joe Johnson were just phenomenal. Boston will definitely win the series, but its been great fight the Hawks have been putting up. The Celtics will have an easier time with the Cavs, because the Cavs have LeBron and………..nobody else.


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