Agent Zero

I just read Gil’s new post on (Link) and enough is enough. Is he serious? This “we ran that over in practice. That shouldn’t be my assignment.“-talk. Are you kidding me? Who was supposed to guard the guy you stood next to? Me? Come on, you are better than that. Of course you practice certain things, but this is game time. What if somebody blocks your last second shot? “Nobody blocked my shot when we practiced it.” Dude, it was your fault and I don’t give a F what you practiced. This is a game where decision-making is key and your coach can’t tell you if you should go to LeBron (after he jumped in the air, btw – so there wasn’t anything you could do by rushing at him anyway) or watch the guy in the corner. Wrong decision – your fault. Do you remember when Sheed didn’t rotate in the finals, left Horry wide open and the Pistons lost the game? This things happen, but did you hear him say: “In practice we double-teamed Ginobili in this situation.”. No? Me neither.

And cut that “this is Antawn’s/Caron’s team” talk…if it is their team, why are you taking the big shots at the end of a game? You knocked down 3 shots the whole game and had 10 points while Antawn scored 23. You knocked down one three-pointer in your last three games. So why do you feel like you got a better chance at tying the game? Antawn and Caron can shoot 3s. If it is their team, let them decide how this thing will end. Now it just looks like you are saying “no, no, no, this isn’t my team…Caron’s team lost…Antawn’s team lost…not mine…“.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Agent Zero, but – walk what you talk or shut your mouth.


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