Avery Johnson fired

Do you remember the time when the Mavs were a big, happy family?

It is over now. That is what happens after two straight first-round exits in the playoffs. Can you remember the good times? Avery broke several records for fastest to (insert whatever you feel like) wins and so on and so on. Good times. Everybody in Dallas believed that he will lead the Mavericks to greatness…but than they lost to the Heat in the Finals. People were saying “The Heat won, because the NBA wanted them to win. – Dwayne Wade got more calls than a free sex hotline.” A year later he got outcoached by his former mentor and the Mavs lost to Golden State. Well, maybe he isn’t that great. Maybe it had something to do with the Mavs being a really good team and Avery just taking over at the right time. I don’t know…the team was torn apart a few weeks before the playoffs and they were the 7th seed. What did they expect? This was no upset or something.

If they would have kicked Avery out after losing four times to the Heat in the Finals, I’d accepct that. If they fired him after he got outcoached by Nelson last year, I’d understand that. This year? Well, he isn’t the only one to blame, but you know what they say: The straw that breaks the camel’s back. (That is probably the most gay saying ever.)

Well, enough is enough. The Finals thing, the Warriors thing, the Hornets thing and the arguing-with-your-boss thing.

Don’t worry, Avery will be back soon enough. I heard that the Suns are hiring…


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