Spurs vs. Suns – Game 5 (Quick) Recap

It is over. I applaud the Suns for not giving up and trying to do the impossible, coming back from a 3-0 deficit, but the Spurs didn’t want any of that.

Suns stats:

  • Steve Nash had his worst shooting night in this series. 4/16 FGM-A plus 1 out of 6 from downtown just aren’t enough in a close game like this. He scored 11 points, 3 assists and a very un-Nash-like 5 turnovers. If he had played a little bit better, the Suns would be still alive, but you can’t blame him for losing the series. He carried them through tough stretches in the last four games and everybody has a bad night once in a while. It’s just too bad that it happened in game 5 with their backs to the wall.
  • Amare couldn’t dominate the game at all. He scored 15 points, got 11 rebounds and blocked 3 shots. Shaq did nearly the same while playing 15 minutes less.
  • Raja Bell hit 3/5 from 3
  • Boris Diaw was the only bright spot on the Suns side. He nearly had a triple-double again, this time he was 2 rebounds and 2 assists shy. Diaw had a team-high 22 points.

Their last possessions of the game ended in turnovers. Horry poked the ball away from Nash, Diaw threw a pass to the rafters, Bowen was able to force a turnover in the last 24 seconds and so no. Why did the Suns shoot 42% from the field? Credit the Spurs defense (90%) and bad luck (10%).

Spurs stats:

  • Tim Duncan delivered a great statline. 29 points, 17 rebounds (9 offensive) and 3 blocks. He was all over the place and the Suns couldn’t stop him.
  • Tony Parker knocked down 9 shots from the field and went to the line 16 times on his way to 31 points.
  • Ginobili had his worst game in this series. He missed 9/11 shots.
  • Duncan and Parker were the only Spurs in double-digits, but they combined for 60 to finish this series for good.

The Spurs made big plays when they had to (and I’m pretty sure I wrote this several times in the last few recaps – they always make the big plays when they have to). The Spurs own the Suns – they kicked them out of the playoffs the fourth time in five years.

What will happen to the Suns next season? Will D’Antoni return? Is Steve Kerr considered a fool for trading for Shaq (who delivered in this series way more/better than I expected him to)? The only argument for the trade was that it would help them beat the Spurs. What now? Rebuilding? Another run? I hope they will keep their core players and try to compete for the title next year…

Don’t forget about the Spurs. The Hornets took care of business yesterday as well and Chris Paul is more than ready. They way he is playing (and his incredible triple-double yesterday – 24 points, 15 assists, 11 rebounds) is scary. Can he be as effective against the Spurs superb defense?


2 Responses to “Spurs vs. Suns – Game 5 (Quick) Recap”

  1. juanreklamador Says:

    It’s a great series.
    Shaq proved his worth on why he never missed any playoffs. (unluckily, his not that dominating unlike those past playoffs)
    Nash and Amare seemed to be the missing links.


  2. I completely agree with you, I thought the same thing reading Gil’s blog.

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