Cavaliers vs. Wizards – Game 5 Recap

Read the halftime update first if you want to know everything about this game (or at least go and take a look at the picture in that post).

3rd Quarter

  • Cavs on a 11-0 run in the middle of the 3rd quarter
  • How could this happen? The Wizards missed 13 shots in a row
  • Jamison hit a big shot to get the Wizards within 2 again
  • Gibson has the hot hand from deep – he knocked down three 3pt-ers
  • Butler ties the game with another three-pointer (his fourth) 63-63
  • Songaila knocks one down to make it a 8-1 run for the Wizards
  • Nice airball, Varejao
  • Jamison has 4 fouls and gets pulled with a minute to go
  • Songaila hits a three to end the quarter
  • LeBron scored 11 points in this quarter and he seems to be warming up for his late game heroics
  • Nail-biter

Wizards lead 69 – 65

4th Quarter

  • Why are all the Cavs fans wearing yellow? Do they think they are going to a Warriors game or something?
  • LeBron is starting to the take it to the rim – who wants to trade baskets with him in the last few minutes? He is starting to take the game over.
  • I like Butler’s stance on this trash-talking stuff, but you know…it makes the series more interesting and gives the press something to work with
  • I want to see the Cavs face the Celtics in the 2nd round, but I’m rooting for the Wizards right now…I’d love to see a 6th and 7th game!
  • Jamison’s missed freethrows will hurt the Wizards (1/4 tonight) – you can’t leave points at the line in a close game
  • Both teams are over the foul limit with 5 minutes to go – freethrows on every foul from now on
  • Hack-a-Ben – I don’t like this strategy, but it worked tonight – Big Ben missed both shots
  • Free-throw shooting contest in the last 4 minutes
  • Haywood fouled out with 2:11 to go – LeBron knocks down both FTs
  • Delonte West drives to the hoop and gets fouled -> three point play
  • Cavs up by one (87-86) and Wizards got the ball with 11.2 seconds to go
  • Caron has to take the last shot
  • Caron SCORES! Wizards are up by one and the Cavs take a timeout with 3.9 seconds to go
  • LeBron takes it to the rim, there is contact, but no call – GAME OVER – Wizards win
  • Wizards 88 – 87 Cavaliers

This was a bit more like a live-blog, next time we will probably go back to our usual recap style.

  • Best statline: LeBron finished with 34 points (24 in the 2nd half), 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks
  • Player of the game: Caron Butler scored a career playoff high 32 points (including the game-winner), 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals

Game 6 in Washington. Great success!


One Response to “Cavaliers vs. Wizards – Game 5 Recap”

  1. great game by caron.
    i’m really hoping wiz take this series after lebron guaranteed a win.

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