Songaila suspended for Game 6 – Cavs vs. Wizards

Oh no! Darius Songaila received a one game suspension for game 6 of this series. I know what you are asking yourself: Who the F is Songaila? … Let’s be serious for a minute: Why did he receive a suspension?

I love the commentators. “Oh no, what is he thinking?” After that they go on and rant about the foul for 5 minutes. Come on, this is supposed to be a punch? Are you kidding me? That is not even in the same area code. LeBron pulled his arm up and Songaila’s hand touched his face if anything. A punch looks more like something you will see in this “NBA Top 10 Fights“-clip:

Well, I hope Songaila didn’t hurt LeBron [/sarcasm mode off]. They where tangled up and Songaila didn’t hit him on purpose. Anyway…rules are rules, it is what it is. Songaila is a roleplayer and the Wizards don’t need him to win this game, but missing him won’t help them either. At least, the NBA should suspend roleplayers and stars alike. Remember Kidd fouling Pargo?

No suspension.

The look on Byron Scott’s face…priceless…


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