Cavaliers vs. Wizards Game 6 – (Quick) Recap

The Wizards stopped trying after halftime. They were fighting…kinda…but not with everything they have. It was more like they didn’t believe they could win this game. It was a good series and a 7th game would have been great, but it was nonetheless entertaining. I hope they play each other again next year in the playoffs.

Wizards Stats:

  • They were down 15 at the end of the 3rd quarter
  • It was a combination of not believing in themselves and not being able to hit a wide open shot
  • They went cold in the middle of the 2nd and the game never was close after that
  • Caron Butler struggled tonight – he is capable of carrying a team, but Cleveland’s defense did a good job of denying him pretty much everything – he redeemed himself (a bit) in the middle of the 4th quarter when the game was pretty much over
  • They pulled their starters with 2 minutes to go
  • Jamison finished with 23 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks

Cavaliers Stats:

  • LeBron “Triple-Double” James strikes again: 27 points, 13 assists, 13 rebounds in 44 minutes of action
  • Is there anything better than winning a series on the road? Yes…
  • Many assists and only a few turnovers -> great game
  • More bacon turkey chesse sandwiches for Wally Szczerbiak! The ESPN guy told us that he plays better when he gets one. Give the guy a sandwich! It helped him kocking down 6/13 3pters. What a little sandwich can do for you…26 points (playoff career-high)
  • Szczszczszczerbiak and Gibson combined for 10 threes – the whole Washington squad knocked down 5
  • They deserved to win this game, they were the better team by far tonight

BTW: Atlanta is down one at halftime (Celtics 50 – 49 Hawks) – if the Celtics win tonight, game 1 Cavaliers vs. Celtics will be televised sunday  – if the Hawks win, game 7 will be sunday


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