Celtics vs. Cavaliers – Game 2 (Quick) Recap

Hi there, a bit late…

Big Ben Smoke

“I think the basket is somewhere over there…”

Celtics vs. Cavaliers



  • The Cavs started this game smoking hot and took a big lead, but they couldn’t keep it up
  • LeBron was the topscorer in this one: 21 points on 6/24 shooting – horrible – 25% from the field – he was better than in game 1, but that is about it
  • Ilgauskas hit 9 out of 12 and scored 19 points, but he only got 5 rebounds in 30 minutes – are you serious? He is 7’3” and only got 5 rebounds? Is this even possible? He doesn’t have to jump, just stand near the basket…
  • Ben Wallace had to leave the game early, because the smoke (because of the pre-game pyrotechnic stuff in Boston) caused a allergic reaction and he couldn’t play – no more pre-game pyros for Boston, I guess, unless they change it so Ben Wallace can play. Ben isn’t a major contributor for the Cavs offense, but he can play a little D
  • Will LeBron start playing his kind of basketball in game 3? If he can do what he did to Detroit last year, he should better start Saturday or it could be too late


  • You have to give the Celtics bench a lot of credit for this one – they helped tie the game and held their own
  • The Big 3 scored a combined 48 points
  • Kevin Garnett: 13 points + 12 rebounds
  • Paul Pierce: 19 points
  • Ray Allen: 16 points (he scored his first basket in the 3rd quarter)
  • The bench scored a combined 34 points
  • The Celtics were the better team – no doubt about it – the early Cavs lead couldn’t discourage them
  • They took control of the game in the 2nd and killed the Cavs in the 3rd

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