Celtics vs. Cavaliers – Game 3 (Quick) Recap

Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

84 – 108

One team was ready to play tonight, the other was still in Boston. The Cavs came out firing on all cylinders and they took a big lead early in the 1st quarter.

  • The Cavaliers held Boston to 13 points in the 1st and took a 19 point lead after 12 minutes and never looked back
  • Boston tried to come back – they won the 2nd by two and the 3rd quarter by one point – not enough!
  • The game never was close after the first 3 minutes – 24 point blowout – but a competitive blowout if something like that exists

Celtics stats:

  • The Big Three combined for 41 points
  • No Celtic had double digit rebounds or assists
  • 40.5% shooting from the field + 31.3% from downtown
  • Paul Pierce +/- rating is -32 – the Celtics gave up the most amount of points when he was on the floor
  • The Cavs did a good job on Pierce and held him to 8 shot attempts – 5 fouls got him out of his rhythm – expect more from him in game 4
  • Kevin Garnett scored 8/13 and got 9 boards – solid game, but he was the only starter that came to play
  • Boston bench: James Posey was great and Leon Powe was solid, Cassell missed everything – his biggest contribution were his 3 fouls

Cavaliers stats:

  • LeBron James and Delonte West scored a game-high 21 points each
  • LeBron’s shot wasn’t falling again (expect from three-point land – curious), but he created so many easy looks for his teammates. Playing against the Celtics and making it look easy even if your shot isn’t falling? True Greatness.
  • Ben Wallace was at his best tonight – 7 offensive rebounds and 9 easy points
  • Joe Smith contributed big from the bench – 7/8 FGs good for 17 points plus 6 rebounds
  • The players the Cavs acquired in their big three-team mid-season trade combined for 63 points! Good trade, huh?

This game proved one thing: The Celtics can’t win on the road. Big at home, non-existent or very low on the road. If they can’t win in Cleveland, what do you think will happen in Detroit? I like the Celtics, I really do, but they remind me of so many bad things I have seen from Detroit in the last few years. They sometimes look disinterested, they take whole quarters off (like the 1st in this one), they look like they don’t know what to do when their outside shots aren’t falling, they settle for jumpshots instead of taking it to the rim when it matters and so on and so on…

The Celtics still are the favorites to win this series of course, but it will go down to 6 or 7 games. Cleveland has a better chance of stealing one on the road than Boston, but don’t expect that to happen.


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