Pistons vs. Magic – Game 4 (Quick) Recap

What a game! Nice finish…loved it.

Detroit Pistons – Orlando Magic

90 – 89

  • What a game. What a finish. I thought it was over at halftime – Detroit couldn’t get anything going on the offensive end and their defense was average, but did they turn it up in the 2nd half – incredible.
  • Chauncey Billups didn’t play
  • All of Dwight Howard’s field goals came in the 1st quarter – 8 points, 12 rebounds and 1 block
  • Orlando’s big three combined for 43 points
  • The Magic went into halftime with a 11 point lead, but they got ice cold in the 3rd and just couldn’t score
  • Detroit tied the game on a 15-0 run in the 3rd quarter
  • Rip Hamilton was great – screens, post-up, fadeaways – everything – he scored at will -> 32 points
  • You know you are in trouble when McDyess ties or outscores Howard in every category – points, rebounds, assists, blocks…
  • It was a rough game – several hard fouls
  • Prince “Tayshaun’d” Evans on a dunk attempt – crazy block! You will definitely see it in the top 10 tomorrow
  • Prince scored every time the Pistons needed a basket really bad including the gamewinner
  • Rasheed Wallace was cold in the 1st half, but got hot at the right time – 4th quarter
  • Stuckey left his A-game at home, but Hunter gave the Pistons some good defense and great shooting. He knocked down 2 threes on his way to 8 points
  • The Pistons totally took Rashard Lewis out of the game in the 2nd half. I’ve only seen him when Prince fouled him twice early in the 4th…did he even score a basket in the 2nd half?
  • 1st 30+ points playoff game from a Piston since 2006

How did the Pistons outscore Orlando in the 2nd half 46 – 34?

  • Great defense, they forced turnovers and scored in transition or on mismatches if the defense recovered fast enough
  • Hamilton and Prince posted their defenders up and scored in or near the paint
  • Rip was on fire, he scored from everywhere – he carried his team through the 2nd half
  • The Magic couldn’t hit a shot in the 3rd, but they still had 46.6% from the field and 55.6% from three – it is hard to win a game against an opponent that shoots that well and when your point guard is hurt and can’t play – great all-around effort from Detroit
  • Knocking down all but one freethrow helped the Pistons win this game
  • Orlando – 64.7% FT – they lost this game on the freebie stripe
  • I just have to write it one more time: great game!

Chauncey will probably play in game 5 and this should be the last game of this series. The Magic lost to the Pistons without Mr. Big Shot at home and there is no chance in hell that they can win on the road when the Pistons are healthy.

Prince Magic


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