Celtics vs. Cavaliers – Game 4 (Quick) Recap

Boston Celtics – Cleveland Cavaliers

77 – 88

Cleveland tied the series and looked good doing it. We will tackle this game bullet-style.


  • The Big Three don’t look that good on the road, 45 combined points. They knocked down 16 out of 40 shots.
  • Kevin Garnett scored only 2 of his 15 points in the second half
  • They really struggled on the offensive end: 38.6% from the field and a bit more than 20% from deep
  • The game was close until the end of the 3rd quarter – not so much in the 4th when they only scored 12 points
  • The Cavs totally ignore Rondo when he is outside the paint – they don’t respect his jumpshot at all and Doc Rivers had to take him out of the game to spread the floor
  • They lost the rebound war 42-38
  • Boston had 16 assists compared to the Cav’s 24
  • James Posey has the worst +/- stat in this one: -18
  • PJ Brown was great coming of the bench: He hit all his shots (4/4), crashed the board for 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots


  • LeBron James still struggles with his jumper, but he took it to the rim HARD
  • With 2 minutes to go, he went around several Celtics and dunked on KG – he can still do it – check it out:
  • LeBron James with no regard for human life…” Nice quote.
  • James’ 13 assists lead to easy baskets: Varejao scored 6/8, Joe Smith scored 4/6 and Gibson and Szczerbiak scored 4/8 from deep combined
  • LeBron’s mommy came on the court after a hard foul on LeBron in the 1st half…the King told his mom (the woman in white) to “sit her ass down” – thank God it wasn’t Mother’s Day – video:
  • Do you think the Celtics are still as optimistic as they were when the series started? Yup, they won both at home, but they didn’t even come close in Cleveland while the Cavs nearly wone a game in Boston. LeBron’s shot will comeback and we all know it. If he gets back to his usual self in Boston, they can steal one.

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