Magic vs. Pistons – Game 5 (Quick) Recap

Orlando Magic vs. Detroit Pistons

86 – 91

Here we go again, bullet-style.


  • 6th straight trip to the Conference Finals
  • Chauncey Billups didn’t play, he prefers to look good on the bench nowadays
  • Richard Hamilton scored 19 points in the 1st half (10/10 free throws), he finished the game with 31 points (16 FTs – perfect from the line)
  • Rip is now the Pistons all-time playoffs topscorer
  • Billups not playing means more shots for Rip and he loves it
  • Detroit only lost control of the game in the first half 2 minutes into the 2nd quarter, but they fixed it with a 9-0 run
  • The Pistons’ bench scored a total 4 points on 11 shots
  • Biggest difference tonight? Detroit: 3 turnovers – Magic: 21 turnovers – take care of the ball and good things will happen
  • Great defense! You can’t defend Howard any better and stop the other teams’ three-point shooters at the same time
  • Sheed’s defense is still underrated – he is one of the best defenders in the post – scary good – he stole the ball from Howard three times one-on-one, that’s not easy
  • McDyess is playing great right now as wellcrashing the boards, knocking down mid-range shots, hustling for loose balls – you can see that he wants to win really bad – scored 17 points (2nd on the Pistons)
  • TAYSHAUN PRINCE! TAYSHAUN PRINCE! TAYSHAUN PRINCE! Play of the Game. The block on Turkoglu’s drive in the last 20 seconds was absolutely crazy! Tayshaun is well-known for blocking big shots, but this one still came out of nowhere…so important and beautiful. Clean block, he took Turkoglu’s dunk attempt right to the board and squashed it.


  • Started the game the way they wanted to – pounding the ball inside and getting Dwight Howard going, but the Pistons took that away from them
  • Dwight Howard: 14 points, 17 rebounds, 3 blocks – not enough tonight
  • Gortat is just…special…like in special school
  • They had like 2000 turnovers in the 1st half alone, because of sloppy play and the great Pistons’ D
  • Missed way too many free throws (7/16 in the 1st half)
  • Superman can’t stop Rasheed Wallace

Kryptonite Sheed

  • Orlando started the 2nd half with a 8-0 run – actually, both teams scored in runs the whole time
  • Every time they where down big, Rashard Lewis made a crazy three pointer
  • You know what they say – live and die by the 3 – R.I.P. Orlando Magic

Live and die by the 3


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