Hornets vs. Spurs – Game 6 (Quick) Recap

That third quarter was ugly” Hornets guard Chris Paul said. “Ugly.”

New Orleans Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs

80 – 99

True, CP3. So true. The Spurs won the 1st quarter by 10 points, but the Hornets clsoed the gap to 5 by halftime. Too bad the game was over when the 2nd half was 3 minutes old. Three fouls on David West in less than 30 seconds and two offensive fouls in a span of 17 seconds on Paul -> game over. I don’t know what to say about the referees right now, but don’t expect it to be something nice. See for yourself:

I don’t know. Is that what playoff basketball is supposed to look like?

Anyway, some bullets…


  • 41.2% from the field and 22.2% from three
  • Chris Paul managed to score 21 points and add 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals even while being in foul trouble
  • Tyson Chandler scored 14 points on 7/8 shooting – some nice alley-oops
  • As if the foul calls on West weren’t enough, Robert Horry decided it was time for some more punishment for David who already played with back pain – Horry set a hard screen behind West, the hit knocked him to the floor and West had to be carried to the locker room
  • The Hornets got outrebounded and had less than half the assists total of the Spurs
  • You can’t win a game like this, can you? Two of your main guys in foul trouble, your opponent shooting lights out and the referees doing their part…


  • 49.4% from the field and 52.4% from three
  • Great game, Mr. Duncan. Tim finished with 20 points, 15 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 blocks – the statline of the night
  • Manu Ginobili knocked down 6 out of 9 shots from downtown on the way to a game-high 25 points
  • Ime Udoka was great coming of the bench – didn’t miss a single shot – 5/5 and 3/3 from 3PT-range. He has the best +/- rating of all players in game 6: +28 in 21 minutes of action – crazy.

Game 7 next!


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