Pistons vs. Celtics – Game 2 (Quick) Recap

Detroit Pistons vs. Boston Celtics

103 – 97

One of the best games this year. Both teams brought their A game and no matter who you root for, you have to admit that the better team won tonight. Detroit outplayed the Celtics in the 1st half (especially in the 2nd quarter) by moving the ball and playing excellent defense which gave them a big lead (9 points) at halftime. (Boston had 5 assists total in the 1st half.)

The 2nd half started way better for Boston with a run to close the gap, but Detroit stamped that out by a run of their own. Stuckey was huge coming of the bench and keeping Detroit’s lead in the 3rd quarter. The 4th was a real nail-biter, but the Pistons went to work and you know how they do.

Boston Celtics:

  • Great game. I’m glad they started moving the ball in the 2nd half, because 5 assists in the 1st half is just plain bad. They rely way too much on Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce scoring one-on-one. You can’t beat the Pistons without distributing the ball and we should be thankful that they figured that at halftime.
  • Their Big Three combined for 75 points.
  • Ray Allen got his act together tonight. He is officially back. Shooting, driving to the hoop – good to see him back. 25 points on 9/16 shooting and 2 out of 4 from downtown in less than 30 minutes.
  • Paul Pierce scored a game-high 26 points
  • Kevin Garnett was just dominating. The Pistons’ double team was always a second too late in the 1st half and he could do whatever he wanted to. They got that fixed in the 2nd half, but great players like him always find a way to contribute. 24 points + 13 rebounds
  • Unnecessary fouls and being late on rotations hurt them the most
  • They shot 56% in the 2nd half at home and still lost? Hard to believe, but the Pistons can be THAT good
  • Now they have to win on the road. We know that they can do it and they know that they can do it, but it is time to prove it
  • Is it just me or is Rajon Rondo the second coming of Jason Kidd (only statswise of course, not the way he plays – only big similarity here is that both can’t shoot)? His second almost triple-double tonight – 10 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists
  • Ray Allen was the only Celtic with more than +1 on his +/- rating – he was +8 and the Celtics should be very happy that he is back. If it wasn’t for foul trouble tonight, he would have been even better.

Rondo Billups

Detroit Pistons:

  • A great team effort to get the W. Pistons-Style Basketball – moving the ball, getting everybody involved, going to the hot hand – if it wasn’t for some silly turnovers, the game wouldn’t have been this close
  • Richard Hamilton was the man tonight – 25 points including some big buckets late in the 4th
  • Speaking about clutch jumpers – can’t forget Tayshaun Prince – he was big tonight. He only scored on 33.3% offf his shots, but he scored when it mattered, grabed offensive rebounds and contributed every way you can imagine
  • Rasheed Wallace with a very quiet 13 points and 10 rebounds – two big three-pointers and a late free throw to seal the game – very nice Mr. Wallace
  • Chauncey Billups made things happen. He was agressive, drove to the hoop, took big shots, scored 19 points and dished out 7 assists without a single turnover. Do you wanna hear the scary part? He can still kick it up a notch
  • Antonio McDyess carried the Pistons through the first few minutes. They have this problem that no one is able to score in the first few possessions. Why? You tell me, I have no clue, but McDyess is the one that gets things going for them. I love his energy and his jumpshot.
  • Rodney Stuckey outscored the Celtics bench on his own 13 to 8, but you can’t measure his impact in stats alone. He hit big shots in the 3rd (with a little help from Hunter) when the Celtics went on their big run and stopped them on his own. A rookie stepping up like this on the big stage is special. Even Jeff Van Gundy is on the bandwagon now.
  • Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had to hit some tough shots early on to keep the Celtics in the game and I’m pretty sure that they won’t stay this hot the whole series. When they stop hitting every crazy shot, the Pistons will have an easier time.

Don’t expect the Pistons to have an easy time at home in the next two games, but the pressure is on the Celtics now.


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