Celtics vs. Pistons – Game 4 (Quick) Recap

Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons

75 – 94

I couldn’t get myself to write anything about the third game. I just hate it when the Pistons don’t come out to play and still expect to win. Game 4 – differen story. They took control of the game early, the crowd was fired up and they never gave the lead away. The game was much closer than the final score indicates, but a win is a win is a win is a win. Scroll down for some videos.

  • How is it possible that Detroit never could pull away until the last few minutes while shooting 51.4% from the field while Boston struggled to stay over 30%? Yup, free throws.
  • Many off the ball calls against Detroit – it was like playing 5 vs 8

NBA.com Recap

Boston Celtics:

  • The Big Three combined for 43 points, 21 from the free throw line – they knocked down 11 out of 38 shots from the field
  • Kevin Garnett was the only Celtic with double digit rebounds
  • Kendrick Perkins fouled out and his on the court time was limited by foul trouble, but he still scored 10 points. He doesn’t get enough credit for what he is doing out there
  • Rondo, Cassell and House combined for 4 points in nearly 40 minutes on the floor – plus they couldn’t stop the Pistons backcourt from making plays – they have to get back on track for game 5
  • Paul Pierce kept the Celtics in the game in the 1st half on free throw shooting alone
  • They didn’t hit some open shots, 12 assists total (not too many compared to Detroit’s 27)
  • Ray Allen still isn’t shooting like he used to. 2/8 (and not one shot from downtown) just isn’t good enough for a player like him
  • Kevin Garnett passed up some wide open shots and went to the rim a few times just so he could pass it out again – he didn’t look comfortable on the floor – is was time for him to carry his team, but he disappeared

Jason Maxiell blocks Kevin Garnett

Detroit Pistons:

  • Player of the Game: Antonio McDyess set the tone early by scoring 8 points in the first few possessions. He did it all – scoring, rebounding, making the hustle plays – he just wanted to win the most
  • McDyess scored a game-high 21 points and dominated the glass on both ends of the floor. A game-high 16 rebounds, 7 on the offensive end (game-high as well). This probably came as a big surprise for most Celtic’s fans out there, but he did that all season long. His jumpshot from the elbow is money. He just can’t miss from that spot.

McDyess Game 4 Highlights

  • Rip Hamilton scored 20 points on 10 shots and dished out 7 assists for good measure
  • Chauncey Billups still can’t find the basket, but he made plays for the other guys. Nice way to contribute when your shot isn’t falling. He made one thing clear as well: Rondo and Cassell can’t guard him. They are just lucky that he missed some open looks, but he took it at them in the 4th and they got quick two fouls each resulting in early foul trouble and many free throws for the Pistons.
  • Good effort, but they have to find some way to kick the Celtics harder when they are down. It can backfire easily to let them hang around – I’m glad it didn’t, but you never know
  • Jason Maxiell is a BEAST. The block on Garnett is the best block this postseason, he makes you think he will tear the rim off when he goes up for the dunk – 14 points, 3 rebounds and a monsterblock on a perfect 6/6 shooting in 20 minutes
  • Rodney Stuckey wasn’t scoring like he used to in the last few games, but he made things happen – 5 assists
  • Is it just me or does the future in Detroit looks really good with guys like Stuckey and Maxiell?
  • Hayes took 2 shots all game long, both from downtown – one was way off and the other swooshed – you figure out

Rip McDyess

Good Times.


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