Richard Jefferson is a Milwaukee Buck

Is it that time of year again? The Grizzlies gave away Gasol for nothing and the Nets are following the new trend. Who’s next? Detroit sending Billups to the Bulls for a Gatorade Nutrition Shake or two?

The Nets get: Yi Jianlian, Bobby Simmons

The Bucks get: Richard Jefferson

I know that Yi “The Chairman” Jianlian was an early 1st round pick (6th overall) and I really like Simmons (he is really underrated, but he isn’t that good), but c’mon…Richard Jefferson? Dude scored 22.6 points/game last season. Couple that with a few assists, rebounds and about 1 steal per game and you have a very solid  player.

The Bucks pull this one off for obvious reasons. The Nets? Well, it is all about cap space. Yi will get them some attention in China and expect Vince Carter’s jersey sales to go waaaaay up. I believe that Bobby Simmons can step up immediately for the Nets and Yi can develop into a good player. There are only so many 7 footers shooting the ball like he can. If he becomes a good player, the Nets will be more than happy…if he doesn’t, it was still worth it, because of the cash they saved.

I still don’t think that LeBron will leave Cleveland when his contract expires, but the Nets are doing everything to increase their chance to lure him away.

Wanna read more about this? Here you go -> ESPN


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