P. Diddy reviews “Hancock”

This is just great. I enjoyed it and I’m not even into this superhero stuff, but this has to be pure comedy gold to every comic fan. (PG 13, I guess) Ah, just watch it.

This is my white boy answering the phone…love it. 🙂

Diddy Blog #8? There is 7 more of those?

No black superheros? I see where he is coming from and he is right . There are a few I guess, but c’mon…Blade? No one knew who he is before the movie. Are there more? Anyone?


4 Responses to “P. Diddy reviews “Hancock””

  1. LOL some black Superheros:

    Blade (remember wesley snipes as vampire killer?)
    Spawn(some people don’t know this fact)
    Black Panther( i didn’t know him until yet thx google)

    i am into comics and i remember only three black superheros.

    who cares? we have hancock!! watch the movie! 😉

  2. True, here is a wiki for the superhero “Black Panther” – LINK

    Diddy is right, but no minority has many superheros actually.

  3. I forgot:

    Steel (DC Universe)

    Storm (X-Men)

  4. thegrip Says:

    This is some funny shit…

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