Corey Maggette will sign with the Warriors (?)

Here wo go again. Is it true? Marc Stein says yes, it is – verbal agreement, ladies and gentlemen. If Brand is going to the 76ers, the Warriors need to look for someone else and that someone is Corey Maggette. (That would make the Clippers the biggest losers this year in free agency although they signed Baron Davis – crazy)

I can imagine Corey Maggette playing in the Warriors run and gun offense, but more in a slashing and cutting to the rim kinda role than a shooting one. He is better shooter than people give him credit for, but he still shouldn’t take shots at will. Last season he hit .384 from 3-pt land (career high) and .458 from the field, but what he does best is drawing fouls: 9.7 free throws/game and knocking down .812%.

He gave the Clippers 22 points/game, 5.6 rebounds/game, 3 assists/game and a steal/game. That are great numbers. Is he underrated? Probably – not because of his stats, but because people think that he is injury prone. He played 70+ games the last two seasons. He is a guy that will miss 10-15 games per season, but if he gives you 22 points and a couple of rebounds and assists per game, it is worth it.

The big question is: Who will get him the ball? Boom Dizzle is going Hollywood and Monta Ellis couldn’t pass the ball through two defenders if his life depended on it. We’ll see…


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