Elton Brand will sign with the 76ers (?)

…according to “sources”. At least, that is what Marc Stein from ESPN (your worldwide and so on) is telling us here – verbal agreement.

We’ll see if it is true, but Mr. Stein is pretty accurate with this kind of rumors and you better believe it will happen. Why should Brand leave the Clippers? Well…

1.) They are the Clippers.
2.) Playing in the Eastern Conference is more fun (read: a lot easier) for big men.
3.) Andre Miller is an underrated PG who can get you the ball whenever you want wherever you want
4.) Andre Igoudala is a great slasher – better than Maggette
5.) Samuel Dalembert is a shot blocker who will take care of protecting the rim
6.) 82 mil/5 years

It would explain why the 76ers made room under the salary cap with the Carney trade.

If you ask me, Elton Brand should stay in L.A., but only because I’m a big Baron Davis fan. When he is on fire and healthy, there aren’t many better players in the league. Brand and Boom Dizzle playing together would be great.

Nothing got signed yet so we will see how it really plays out.


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