Knicks trying to trade Randolph?

Here we go again, some rumors are floating through the world wide web. The Knicks are trying to move Zach Randolph and his big contract (48$ mil/3 years) to make some room under the salary cap to be ready to go after some big names in 2010. According to this article the Clippers have shown some interest in replacing Elton Brand with Zach Randolph. What can they offer? Uhm, nothing? I don’t like Randolph and if the rumors are true, the Knicks don’t like him either.

Anyway, they should get rid of him and start rebuilding for real. Getting big name free agents every second year isn’t helping, right? Do it the right way. Get rid of this bum and try to get as much talent as possible in return.

BTW: Whats up with Stephon Marbury? Is there anyone out there who would still trade for him?


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