NBA Summer League Recap – 07/13/2008

Hi folks, here is a little recap and some stats and facts of yesterday’s summer league games. We will start with some stats so scroll down for the recaps:

Stats & Facts

Most points (player): 25 (tied – Marco Belinelli, Warriors/Arron Afflalo, Pistons)

Most points (team): 95 (Warriors)

Least points allowed (team): 66 (Pistons)

Best FG% (team): 50.9% (Pistons)

Most assists (player): 5 (Bobby Brown, Hornets)

Most assists (team): 16 (Mavericks)

Most rebounds (player): 10 (DeAndrew Jordan, Clippers)

Most rebounds (team): 40 (Mavericks)

Most steals (player): 5 (Julian Wright, Hornets)

Most blocks (player): 2 (several tied)

Most turnovers (player): 7 (Mike Taylor, Clippers) – 6 (tied – OJ Mayo, Grizzlies/Julian Wright, Hornets)

Most personal fouls (player): 9 (Darrell Arthur, Grizzlies)

Most points in one half (team): 49 (Warriors, 2nd half)

Most points in one quarter (team): 27 (Tie – Warriors 4th quarter/Pistons 3rd quarter)

Charlotte Bobcats – New Orleans Hornets

75 – 77


  • 4 players in double digits – pretty rare in the summer league
  • DJ Augustin scored a team-high 15 points, but tainted his performance with 5 turnovers
  • Oriene Green was the surprise of the night in this game – 10 points in a little more than 14 minutes


  • Bobby Brown scored a game-high 20 points, grabbed 5 boards and dished out 5 assists – probably yesterday’s MVP
  • Julian Wright was a defensive monster (5 steals, 4 def. rebounds, 2 blocks), but 6 turnovers – way too much for someone who doesn’t have the ball that much

Dallas Mavericks – Golden State Warriors

86 – 95


  • James Singleton, remember the name – crashed the board for 8 rebounds (5 off, 3 def) and scored 17 points on 9 shot attempts in 25 minutes
  • Gerald Green looked a bit better than last time – 15 points and 2 3s – showed some range


  • If there was a Summer League All-Star Game or a Summer League Hall of Fame, Marco Belinelli would be the 1st voted into – he is killing it out there – they will retire his jersey some day – 25 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds and hardly any mistakes
  • CJ Watson surprised me (and his opponents) with his good D yesterday – 4 steals – but he has to work on his free throw shooting – 7/11 just isn’t good enough for a guard these days

Memphis Grizzlies – Los Angeles Lakers

76 – 85


  • Everybody will be speaking about O.J. Mayo again, because he scored 15 points (3/5 from downtown) – great range, has the ability and confidence to knock down shots from everywhere on the court – but (and this is a mayor but) 6 turnovers and not a single assist? Scoring is important, but if you can’t pass it, at least don’t turn it over


  • Coby Karl is one of those guys who can shine in the Summer League – a game-high 16 points (8 from the free throw line)

Detroit Pistons – Los Angeles Clippers

75 – 66


  • Arron Afflalo – 25 points, 4 rebounds – 8/10 from the field – great! Everybody in Detroit loves Stuckey and soon they will fall in love with Afflalo as well. Amazing what Joe Dumars can do with low draft picks. It took him a year longer to get it going, but I’m pretty confident that he will develop into a good player
  • Cheikh Samb really improved his game overall since last year, maybe we will see him on the court during NBA games in a few years
  • BTW: The Pistons took only one 3 and won the game – most summer league teams settle for 3s 10+ times, the Pistons keep the number way lower and they won both games with a big lead – coincidence?


  • DeAndrew Jordan was the only player to record a double-double yesterday – team-high 15 points and a game-high 10 rebounds

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