Trading Ron Artest

You all know the ESPN Trade Machine, right? If you don’t: The Trade Machine can help you figure out which trades work under the salary cap and which don’t. It has all the teams rosters, unsigned draft picks, player contracts, trade restrictions and so on. You should give it a look, but be careful: addictive.

Well, there are some rumors that Ron Artest is about to leave the Sacramento Kings for a team that is “more commited to him”. I was a bit bored and tried a few things and here is what could work – I’m not saying that these trades are likely to happen, but they are at least possible.

  • Charlotte Bobcats

Kings get: Gerald Wallace

Bobcats get: Ron Artest, Quincy Douby OR Ron Artest, Francisco Garcia

Artest would give the Bobcats the defensive identity they lack and improve them overall. Plus his contract is expiring (like Douby’s and Garcia’s) so the Bobcats get about 10mil off their cap if Artest decides to go into free agency next year (which he probably would – there is no way he would stay in Charlotte). I like Wallace, but I doubt that Jason Richardson and Gerald Wallace will click on the court any time soon.

The Kings’ benefit is obvious. Gerald Wallace is a great, athletic player and they desperatly need someone like him. You can only settle for jumpshots for a while, but from time to time someone needs to take it to the rim hard and GW is that guy.

  • Chicago

Artest would help them out big time, but there is hardly anything realistic they could offer the Kings. They could give up Kirk Hinrich now that they have Derrick Rose and make it match salary-wise if the Kings throw in Douby, but the Kings gave Beno Udrih a 22mil contract over several years recently. Why go for Hinrich who nearly disappeared last season and was shaky at best.

Larry Hughes has a way too big salary and he isn’t worth it…everybody (including the Kings) knows that.

Andres Nocioni is very good player, but 40mil/5 years? Don’t think so.

  • Cleveland

If Cleveland would somehow acquire Ron Artest, they would be scary. Giving up Wally Szczerbiak would be a great start, but his salary is nearly twice the salary of Ron. Just thinking about Ron Artest and LeBron James playing together should strike fear into the hearts of the Eastern Conference teams. Artest could take over guarding the other teams best scorers and he would be a great addition to play off LeBron on offense.

  • Dallas

Josh Howard for Ron Artest? Won’t happen. The Mavericks should keep Howard for the rebuilding process following next season.

  • Detroit

The Pistons are trying to shake up their roster a bit and they could give the Kings a great player in return, but can you imagine trading for Ron Artest after the Palace Brawl? Me neither.

  • Lakers

Of course…everybody knows that an Artest-Odom swap would be kinda nice, but it isn’t likely. Odom’s salary is twice the size of Artest’s. They could make the numbers work if the Kings add Mikki Moore or Shareef Abdur-Rahim, but I’m not sure they feel like it.

  • Hornets

Kings get: Mike James, Melvin Ely, a pick

Hornets get: Ron Artest

Likely? Nope. Interesting? A bit. Mike James is a great guard and I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t mind coming off the bench to back up Chris Paul, but he would get way more minutes in Sacramento. All contracts will expire after a year so if it doesn’t work, you can head into another direction.

I’ll continue this post later…drop your ideas in the comments.


2 Responses to “Trading Ron Artest”

  1. I would love the Lakers to trade for Ron Artest. But he’s a free agent next year and I wouldn’t wanna see the Lakers sign Artest to a multi 5 year contract. Lamar Odom is clearly better than Artest and I wouldn’t give up on that guy just yet for Artest maybe Shawn Marion but not Artest. Lamar sucked every year with the Lakers but this year was basically his best and they went to the NBA finals. You can’t break up the team just like that for Artest. Especially with that big line up next year Bynum, Gasol, Odom all basically 7 feet tall.

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