Trading Ron Artest – Part II

Now we will take a look at some other teams – if you want to read part 1 of this, click here.

  • Milwaukee

The Bucks went for Richard Jefferson and why shouldn’t they try trading for Ron Artest? Not that Artest would want to go there, but like I said in the 1st part: most deals aren’t likely to happen, but they are at least possible. (No one wants to go to Milwaukee – ask Gilbert Arenas. Scroll down to the Richard Jefferson part.) They could a.) package Desmond Mason and Ramon Sessions or b.) trade Mo Williams and a pick. It wouldn’t be equal value either way, but Ron wants to leave and in the 1st case they would get back Desmond Mason, an athletic forward who can attack the rim and Ramon Sessions who averaged crazy assist numbers at the end of the season when the Bucks played for a better lottery spot – but he did it against decent competition, not against scrubs. Anyway, why not take a gamble on Sessions and hope he can produce like he did a few months ago?

Mo Williams would be a good addition for their backcourt. Kevin Martin, John Salmons, Beno Udrih and Mo Williams…it could be worse. Ask the Heat.

  • New York

This one has plenty of upside for both teams. Zach Randolph in Sacramento and Artest in New York? Could happen, but the numbers don’t match. The Kings would have to throw in somebody like Shareef Abdur-Rahim or package Mikki Moore and Shelden Williams to make it work. Going after Stephon Marbury is even harder, because of his 20mil payday, but let’s be honest: he’s done anyway. The Knicks could trade Eddy Curry straight up for Ron. Would you pull the trigger on this one?

  • Orlando

There is no chance in hell that this will happen, but who would get the better end of the deal if the Magic would trade Hedo Turkoglu for Ron Artest? Imagine Dwight Howard protecting the rim and Ron Artest going after the best perimeter player…scary good defense.

That’s it, folks. I hope that Ron will soon be shipped out of Sacramento. He is a great player (but as we all know: crazy) and he can really boost your teams performance on both ends of the floor. Here is a little article about the whole situation on Enjoy.


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