James Posey leaves Celtics for Hornets

Welcome to New Orleans, Mr. Posey. The Boston Herald and ESPN report that it’s a done deal. James gets 25 mil/4 years. He wanted a four year deal for the full mid-level exception and he got it – the Celtic’s management is probably regretting not offering him the full mid-level exception/four years.

Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, David West, Tyson Chandler and James Posey (probably coming off the bench)…sounds good to me. The Hornets were a very good team last year already, but by acquiring Posey they can become a great team. You need guys off the bench who can score and defend like he does. Even if you don’t like him…it is better to have a guy like him on your side than to face him in the playoffs.

Great job, New Orleans Hornets. Who will Boston go after with their mid-level exception now? Drop your ideas/suggestions in the comments.


3 Responses to “James Posey leaves Celtics for Hornets”

  1. Jacob Rosen Says:

    Bonzi Wells, Mike James, Rasual Butler, Chris Anderson, Julian Wright and Posey are part of one of the deepest benches in the NBA. I had originally thought New Orleans would have difficulty beating off both Houston and SAn Antonio in the division this year, but this acquisition makes me think otherwise.

    Boston would be wise to shore up their guard position. Sam Cassell struggled mightily in the postseason, and Allen is definitely getting rather old. Rajon Rondo is a stud in the maing, but their bench is falling apart. They were lucky last year to get as much production from these one-year guys, but I am not sure they will find as many diamonds in the rough this offseason. Still hard to see anyone beating them in the East.

  2. Morris Peterson sucked Posey should start right away. I think the Celtics should try to go after Bonzi Wells maybe even Ricky Davis. But it seems like the Celtic fans really like Ryan Gomes but he’s a restricted free agent. How about Michael Finley for an old guy.

  3. Morris Peterson is a guy who can score in bunches when he is hot, but he can kill his own team when he isn’t on fire. Sometimes he plays out of his mind, but he isn’t worth it.

    They definitely need a back-up point guard. Eddie House isn’t good enough and Sam Cassell just can’t play like used to.

    @ Travis: I’d take Ricky Davis over Bonzi Wells (but actually I don’t like either). Finley seems like a guy who would fit into their “team first” system. A guy who can hit the open shots and doesn’t need the ball at all to be effective.

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