Marcus Camby is a Clipper?

Maybe losing Elton Brand wasn’t that bad after all? According to ESPN this is a done deal.

The Clippers get: Marcus Camby, defensive player of the year 2006-2007, who is averaging 10.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.68 locks and a steal per game. More than decent.

The Nuggets get: the right to swap second round picks in 2010

You read that right. The Clippers offered the Nuggets enough salary cap flexibility that they got Camby for, well, nothing. The Nuggets now have a trade exception worth 10mil they can use in the next 365 days. Actually not that bad.

Marcus Camby can’t replace Eltron Brand on offense, but he is a great interior defense guy and combined with Chris Kaman, the Clippers have a pretty nice frontcourt.

Question is: What will happen next with Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith? Who will help them out up front? Nene should be playing this year (at least I hope so) which makes things easier. Anyway, they better use their trade exception to get somebody who can help this team getting out of the 1st round in the playoffs.


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