Olympic Basketball – Team USA

This is a bunch of interesting links that have two things in common: Team USA and Beijing.

Team USA is in group B – who else is in that group?

TEAM USA – China – Germany – Spain – Greece – Angola

This group is way harder than group A (Argentina, Russia, Croatia, Lithuania, Australia, Iran). Spain and Greece are great teams and they always give Team USA trouble. Germany has Nowitzki and Kaman, but they aren’t a real threat. USA vs. China will probably be the most viewed basketball game in history.

What NBA player is participating and not playing for Team USA?

Spain – Pau Gasol (LAL), Marc Gasol (MEM), Jose Calderon (TOR), Rudy Fernandez (POR)

Argentina – Manu Ginobili (SAS), Andres Nocioni (CHI), Luis Scola (HOU), Fabricio Oberto (SAS)

China – Yao Ming (HOU), Yi Jianlian (NJ)

Germany – Dirk Nowitzki (DAL), Chris Kaman (LAC)

Russia – Andrei Kirilenko (UTA)

Australia – Andrew Bogut (MIL)

Lithuania – Linas Kleiza (DEN), Darius Songaila (WAS)


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