Kwame Brown is a Detroit Piston

What a terrible day to be a Detroit Pistons fan. *hangsheadinshame* Man, first the Pistons say they aren’t trying to get a sign-and-trade done with the Atlanta Hawks (Josh Smith) and now they go and sign Kwame Brown (8mil/2 years + player option for a third year). ESPN has all the gory details.

What is up with Joe Dumars? He is a great guy and I want to believe that this is a great addition like always when Joe D spends money, but c’mon…Kwame “Brick” Brown? Joe, whatever they gave you – those pills aren’t helping.Kwame is like this stone dude from the Fantastic 4, just without the superstrength and the invulnerability – actually the comparisons stop with the stone-hands.

Excuse me, but I have to go watch a few Kwame Brown YouTube Highlights and kill myself:

Let’s hope that Ronny Turiaf is right:


3 Responses to “Kwame Brown is a Detroit Piston”

  1. Jack Wilson Says:

    Who knows Joe Dumars is good at finding guys nobody wants and signing them like Antonio Mcdyess. Maybe Kwame becomes the next Ben Wallace. He might play well and eventually replace Rasheed Wallace.

  2. He’ll be more useful than most people expect. Well done Joe.

  3. There was a player called Dan Majerle(SUNS) long time ago.
    Did i spell it wrong?

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