Have you seen Bynum lately?

He is a monster. Lifting weights was probably the only thing he did all year long, but he is definitely ready to trade blows with anyone.

Andrew Bynum 2.0

Andrew Bynum 2.0

Kobe looks so small next to Bynum. Are you kidding me? Looks more like Bynum brought his Kobe-look-a-like son to the photo shooting. Here is a pic from a year ago so you see the progress.

"Old" Bynum

"Old" Bynum


2 Responses to “Have you seen Bynum lately?”

  1. Travis Outlaw Says:

    Greg Oden is still better than Bynum

  2. I hope he is. He has to proof that he still can go out there and do what he is supposed to do…Blazers fans probably wake up with a smile on their face every morning just thinking about the upcoming season.

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