NBA Europe Live Tour – Berlin

Well, tomorrow the Washington Wizards and the New Orleans Hornets will square off in the O2 arena in Berlin, Germany and guess what? I’ll be there. I’m really looking forward to seeing Chris Paul wreak havoc on the court.

Too bad that the Wizards lost half their roster to injuries, but these things happen. I hope the game will be as good as the Heat – Nets games in the last few days. Dwayne Wade was scary good and the Nets still won…one regular and one in overtime.

Last time I’ve seen a NBA game live, was two years ago in Cologne when the Suns and 76ers battled it out. Good times! 4 games in two days (1st day 76ers vs. Moscow, Suns vs. Tel Aviv – 2nd day Moscow vs. Tel Aviv, 76ers vs. Suns)…two best basketball watching days of my life. It was crazy and I hope that the Hornets and Wizards won’t disappoint.

I need to get up at 5am tomorrow to catch my plane to Berlin. I’ll be back in two days with some pics and hopefully some stories to tell. 🙂


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