Venting about the Pistons

There are things you think about when you are a fan of a NBA team. You worry about little injuries, chemistry, odoes the new guy fit into the team, you look at the little things the players themselves probably don’t even care about (like certain sentences in interviews) and so on and so on.

Than there are big things you would rather not think about. Like, how long can you actually ignore that your favorite team just lost it’s hunger…years ago. How long can you deny that something is wrong? Is your favorite team getting old and not fighting like they used to? That is a box you’d rather not open.

You can only ignore those things for so long. Do you want to know what can open your eyes? Well, a 26 points blowout at home against the Timberwolves can, for example.

See, I’m a big Pistons fan since years and I’m one of those guys that would never boo his team (stay classy, people) and I prefer to pretend things are alright even if they aren’t, because in the long run it just makes rooting for your team easier. You just condone certain things.

Are the Pistons a contender this year? On nights when they beat the Suns in Phoenix like nobody’s business, you believe. When they get their butts handed to them by the Celtics in the middle of Auburn Hills, you rub your eyes in disbelief. Losing to the T’Wolves and making them look like a great NBA team is an incredible feat itself, but…c’mon, the Timberwolves? 26 points? This is just horrible. Even if it’s an off night, you don’t trail the whole second half by 20 and lose by 26.

Of course, Allen Iverson is only here since a few weeks and they have to get used to each other, bla bla bla. Dude, we are talking about the Timberwolves here! I don’t care if A.I. plays or not, if Sheed would rather have stayed at home – you just don’t lose by 26 to ‘Sota. (I don’t have a problem with losing, but don’t let them blow you out at home – is that too much to ask for?)

The kind of fan I am, I’ll of course root for them til the end of time, but some games are just hard to watch. The team just seems out of funk, but they will come back and hurt you next time around…they always do…but I’d rather see them just not needing to prove how good they are after they have been blown out by a bad team. How about just showing up for every game?

One of the only highlights...

One of the only highlights...


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