The Denver Nuggets are very entertaining

As you probably already know if you have visited this blog, I’m a die-hard Pistons fan and if you still remember the Iverson – Billups trade a few weeks back, you know that it was pretty tough, because I wasn’t willing to give up on the Pistons starting 5 of the last few years.

On the Detroit side it was pretty crazy. Iverson is still Iverson, he is who he is and he does what he does. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew one thing: We will definitely miss Chauncey Billups aka Mr. Big Shot. He knows how to run an offense and how to keep your team in the game when it matters. He is willing to take big shots and he makes ’em. For somebody who knows how to take over a game, he still had no problem with sacrificing his stats for the team and that is probably his biggest strength. He is the total package, but he kinda went under the radar for most of his career. I still think that most people forgot that he was the FInals MVP once and that he is easily one of the best old school/not-too-flashy point guards in the league.

Well, now the good people in Denver know what I’m talking about…right? I was watching as many Denver Nuggets games as I could even before the trade, because they always played a pretty entertaining style of basketball. Now, with Cuancey, the game flow got so much better and the game is more beautiful to watch. Hardly any prayers to beat the shot clock anymore, not as many isolations on offense…just a team run by a great point guard. You can see it. The difference is huge.

Chauncey Billups #7

Chauncey Billups #7

Plus, Chauncey is a real leader and a good locker room guy. I always thought that he keeps the different Pistons personalities in check. See, here is what Kenyon Martin had to say after yesterdays 104-94 win over the Houston Rockets:

“We just have somebody on the court who loves winning and knows game situations and controls the game. It’s great having him. I told him right after the game: ‘I appreciate you being here’.”

That’s what I’m talking about, but it doesn’t stop here. Give it up for Rockets coach Rick Adelman:

“You’ve got to give Billups a lot of credit, he really took the game over that second half. Made a lot shots, which he’s capable of, and he made some nice playmaking plays to find other people when we were coming at him.”

Everybody knows what Billups can and will do for his team.

Rodney Stuckey better turn out to be great. 😀


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