Sam Mitchell fired?

What? Are you kidding me? You can’t fire a guy for starting 8-9 if he was Coach of the Year in 06-07 -> not fair. The Raptors are struggling, but I don’t think that it is Mitchell’s fault. He was in Toronto for 4-5 years (this was his 5th season) and you can’t blame him alone.

He was respected in the locker room, the players know him and I never heard that anybody had problems with this guy. They lose by 39 to Denver and they fire him? What? Because of this blow out? C’mon, it wasn’t his fault. You don’t lose by 39 no matter what your coach is doing. This is as much on the players as it is on Mitchell.

Let’s see who they will get…there is no better coach out there without a job. Dumb decision…

Link to ESPN


2 Responses to “Sam Mitchell fired?”

  1. Burton Heaslip Says:

    Clearly he wasn’t fired because of one 39 point loss and you can’t sit here and say “C’mon, it wasn’t his fault”. Of course hes at fault in a ridiculous loss like that, not solely at fault put partially. There are things he has to be able to do as a head coach to get his team fired up and want to win the game. They stopped playing for him, and when that happens, change is inevitable.

  2. That’s why I said “This is as much on the players as it is on Mitchell.”, but I get your point. Something is wrong when you lose by 39, but I don’t think that firing Mitchell was the right move. He is the best available coach at the moment.

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